Tasting menu 1

  • Marinera (typical Murcian snack made with a crunchy breadstick,rusian salad and anchovy 2,9 truffled sardine toast)
  • Beef txuleta steak croquette
  • Chef`s style salad
  • Baked potatoes, softened butter, blue cheese
  • Murcian-style (stewed) artichokes
  • Pork tenderloin with truffle or onion
  • 2 mini desserts

    22€ VAT included Per person

Tasting menu 2

  • Special red prawn croquette
  • Ssam of Murcian pork bacon
  • Tomato, arugula, and tuna belly
  • Patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) with meatballs
  • Mushroom wok with asparragus and prawns
  • Mini burger bonito (tuna) or angus
  • 2 mini desserts

    26€ VAT included per person

Tasting menu 3

  • Toast with sun-dried cherry tomato, anchovy, and parmesan
  • Special red prawn croquette
  • Glass bread with BEHER 100% Iberian ham
  • Tomato whit bonito and split olives
  • Sclambled eggs with vegetable and Iberian ham
  • Iberian pork cheek and straw potatoes
  • 2 mini desserts

    30€ VAT included per person

Tasting menu 4

  • Iberian ham croquette
  • Glass bread (thin and crusty bread)
  • Tuna blini
  • Roast pepers, tomato and tuna belly
  • Murcian-style (stewed) artichokes
  • Mushroom cake, iberian ham and demi-glace
  • Beef ribeye steak
  • 2 mini desserts

    35€ VAT included per person

10% VAT included

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